All-Natural Red Peppers 

Many people ask if our consumer pepper sprays match the strength in our police pepper sprays. We are proud to say yes! All of our pepper sprays use all-natural active ingredients to give you maximum stopping power. 

So which formulation should you use?

Choose SABRE 3-IN-1 if you’re looking for:
– Enhanced facial burning (thanks to CS tear gas)
– Pepper spray that’s legal in all states except HIMINY & WI

Choose SABRE Red if you prefer:
– An all-natural pepper spray
– Maximum strength single-ingredient pepper spray available
– Fewer state-to-state restrictions

SABRE Red Pepper Gel products are ideal for:
– College students and seniors
– Anyone looking for reduced wind blow-back
– Those concerned about effects on bystanders

Whichever formulation you decide upon, remember to keep a safe distance from any threats. SABRE pepper sprays and gels give you protection at a distance – up to 10 and even 25 feet away! Follow the instructions and watch the free video you receive with your purchase.

Safe is Smart.